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Ferry til Kjerag

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A boat trip through the Lysefjord is an experience that gives long-lasting memories. Glide through the fjord while looking at the steep mountain walls. Pass waterfalls, flocks of copper – also called fjord seals, domesticated goats, and beautiful secluded farms.

By using ferries you can combine fjord sightseeing with an extra night in Songesand, Flørli, or Lysebotn. Wind down, go hiking, and explore the fjord. Several local tour operators offer organized activities such as hiking, kayaking, sailing, RIB boat trips, and more.

Ferry services on the Lysefjord

Kolumbus local ferry between Lauvvik – Lysebotna year-round speed ferry cruising through the Lysefjord, calling at the quays of Lauvvik, Forsand, Bratteli, Bakken, Songesand, Kallali, Flørli, Håheller andLysebotn. 

Lysefjord Ferries Timetable and Booking Information

Høgsfjord ferryLauvvik – Oanes

15 min


15 cars

60 passengers

Tickets to be bought onboard

160 NOK per car (less than 5m) incl. passengers, 50 NOK per pedestrian

Kolumbus local ferry

Lauvvik – Lysebotn

I 2024, the Lysefjord will be serviced by high-speed passenger ferry “MS Rygerfjord” and car ferry “MF Sveio”. The speed ferry wil service the Lysefjord twice a day Monday-Thursday and Sundays, and three times a day on Fridays. The car ferry will service the Lysefjord twice a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

1h15m (high-speed) | 2h30m (car ferry)


0 (high-speed) | 26 (car ferry)

97 passengers (high-speed) | 151 (car ferry)

NOTENo departures on Saturdays. Advance booking is necessary for guaranteed docking and boarding.

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