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Reach Kjerag by the car

Driving from Stavanger to Kjeragbolten often involves passing through Byrkjedal and Sirdal , each adding its unique charm to the journey. Byrkjedal is known for its beautiful surroundings and the famous Byrkjedalstunet, a charming complex offering local crafts and cuisine. Sirdal, nestled in the mountains, offers a serene landscape with lakes and forests making it a peaceful stop along the way.

Worthy to Visit Sirdal are Slottet Restaurant , Hekta Bakeri and Sirdal Mountain Lodge

The Kjerag hike typically starts from the parking area at Øygardstøl, which is the trailhead for the popular Kjeragbolten trek. Øygardstøl offers facilities such as parking, restrooms, and information boards. From here, hikers follow a well-marked trail that takes them through varied terrain, including rocky landscapes and scenic viewpoints, leading ultimately to the iconic Kjeragbolten, a suspended boulder wedged between two cliffs.

Worthy to see is also Lysebotn, situated at the end of Lysefjord, provides a dramatic finale with its towering cliffs. The drive through these destinations enhances the overall experience, turning the road trip into a memorable adventure.

Enjoy Your Kjerag Hike !

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