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Fløri 4444 Steps

Flørli is a roadless hamlet accessible only by ferry or on foot. It lies deep into the spectacular Lysefjord, close to the Kjerag bigwalls. Flørli is popular for its 4444 steps right up the mountain – the longest wooden stairway in the world. It is also known for its hydropower history – in the power hall you can visit the exposition and enjoy the summer-open Power Café.

Flørli is a place to relax. It is also a basecamp for great outdoor adventures. Wake up to the perfect mirror of the silent fjord on a warm summer day. Feel the fresh fjord breeze in your face as you kayak along steep shores. Get a lucky bait and row your fish-dinner to shore. Hike our breathtaking trails and visit iconic attractions like the Kjerag or Preikestolen. Use Flørli as your base for trail-running in the Frafjordheiane Landscape Reserve. There are plenty of others like you in Flørli and you will find good company in our cosy accommodation, the camping and the café.

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