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Kjerag - the majesty of Ryfylke in the heart of the Lysefjord! ​


With 1084 meters, Kjerag rises the highest of all the peaks in the Lysefjord. The mountain massif has long been most admired from the fjord, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular to take the hiking trail to the plateau itself. Most people are happy to enjoy the view of the Lysefjord from the plateau itself, but for some hikers, the highlight is to be immortalized on Kjeragbolten, a round boulder wedged in a rock crevice. Kjerag has also become a popular destination for mountain climbers and base jumpers.

The trip takes 5 - 6 hours round trip, 9.8 km
Season: June - September

Hike to Kjerag
The hike starts from the paid car park at Øygardstøl, south of Lysefjorden, by Lysevegen over Lysebotn. Here is a service building that houses toilets and tourist information. The demanding trail goes up and down several ridges, and has a height difference of 460 meters. 

It is always important that you take weather conditions into account. In case of snow in the mountains, it is not recommended to go hiking, or it is recommended to use a nature guide. Remember good footwear, preferably mountain shoes, warm clothes, food, drinks and possibly poles. General good physique is absolutely necessary. No one must start the hike when there is a danger of it getting dark before returning. NB! Read important advice and tips before you set out on a hike to Kjerag!

How to get to Kjerag
You can get to Øygardstøl either by ferry (The Fjords' Tourist Car Ferry or Combi Boat) to Lysebotn and car / taxi on to Øygardstøl or by driving via Sirdalen on the road to Lysebotn (winter closed road from about October to May / June, contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, tel. 175).

In the summer, Go Fjords has a bus trip to Kjerag from Stavanger.

Experience Kjerag from the fjord
Kjerag is also impressive seen from the fjord, from the ferry or sightseeing boat. You can catch a glimpse of Kjeragbolten 1,000 meters above you from the bottom of the fjord. If you are lucky you can see base jumpers in the summer. 


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