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Kjerag by the bus Go Fjords

Are you planning a flight to Stavanger in Norway? Then it's worth saving this video for later and planning a trek to Kjerag. And be sure to read the stories written under the name "Norway" full of practical information.

Travel from Stavanger with GoFjords costs approximately €17 round trip. We purchase tickets via the carrier's website. The bus departs from and returns to the bus station in Stavanger city center.

The trail to Kjerag begins and ends at the parking lot.

This is the only place with toilets.

It takes about 5-6 hours to complete the entire route, but it is worth it if you are at least moderately fit. It is important to catch the bus returning to Stavanger at the specified time. The driver will provide you with the return time, which you can also find on the website.

GoFjords. Some sections are more demanding, while others lead along chains.

Be sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring something waterproof in case the weather changes. The trail takes us to an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level.

After a few hours, we reach Kjeragbolten. It is a boulder wedged over an unprotected precipice. Would you decide to go there? For me, it was a significant challenge.

After returning, you can grab something to eat at the restaurant next to the parking lot.

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